Two Letters, One World

I wish I could hold you now,
And take all our sorrows away,
Ease the pain that hits us every single day,
Take off the disguises and false vows.

I wish I could keep you close to me,
Help you find your way back home,
Give you love, if you want some
And turn our dreams into reality.

I wish I could make you realise
That I’m not asking much of you,
You know that I’d go black and blue
Just to have you by my side.

I wish I had the courage to say
How important to me you are,
But these times you’ve been so far…
And I just wanted you to stay…

But I hope someday we will once more meet
And this time we’re going to be true,
We’re going to show what we’ve gone through,
Not just speak.

I wish you could say you love me,
Satisfy this crazy will of my mind,
Show up what we’ve hiden inside,
And, after all, me and you would become “WE”.

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